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Coordination Center for
Precarpathian Military Assistance


About us

SaveUkraineNow Coordination Center for Precarpathian Military Assistance was founded by Ivano-Frankivsk City Council, Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support, Ivano-Frankivsk Business Association, Teple Misto Charity Organization, Promprylad.Renovation Innovation Center, Frankivsk Drama Theater, and other partners to meet the comprehensive needs of military battalions of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast at the frontline.

How do we work? We…

  • Receive inquiries about the needs of our defenders directly from the military leadership of the Precarpathian battalions.
  • Raise funds from partners and individual donors.
  • Find, purchase and deliver high-quality certified equipment, hardware, gear, medical supplies, materials, and vehicles to the frontline.
  • Report on our progress.

Join us and support our defenders! Together to victory!


Our Partners


We raise funds for targeted support of our defenders.

$90 982,58
$90 982,58
$1 175 883,42
$1 266 866
$310 598
$1 577 464
$118 266
$1 695 730
$89 596
$1 758 326
$45 338
$1 830 664
$89 490
$1 920 154
$79 783
$1 999 937
$59 635
$2 059 572
$64 583
$2 124 155
$62 119
$2 186 274
$70 531
$2 256 805
$82 507
$2 339 312
$89 278
$2 428 590

Latest updates

New partner – Lex Consulting

We are pleased to introduce our new partners of #SaveUkraineNow(SUN), our good friends –  Attorneys at Law “Lex Consulting”!  Lex Consulting is an association of attorneys and lawyers specializing in commercial, tax, energy, civil, criminal law, and investment projects in Ukraine and Poland. Lex Consulting’s lawyers work in Ukrainian and Polish jurisdictions and help businesses from start-up to the development and implementation of investment projects.  From the very beginning of our center’s work, Lex Consulting’s Managing Partner Volodymyr Kostiuk became our volunteer and helped the logistics team to organize the delivery of humanitarian goods from Western Europe. Today Volodymyr Kostiuk together with the “Lex Consulting” team joins SUN with the initiative of monthly donating of one-day earnings.  Thank you!

Equipment for the Prycarpathian military

The best equipment for our military!  SUN volunteers have delivered a large batch of equipment and communications gear to the Prycarpathian defenders. Our units received: 10 sets of car radios, Full HD monitors, Starlink Ethernet adapters, Phones, MOBILE JOB CHEST container.We thank our partners and benefactors for their support! Your donations help our guys fight the enemy!

Prykarpattia defenders are with good communication means!

#SaveUkraineNow has purchased a large batch of high-quality equipment for reliable communication means. This includes 20 sets of Motorola car radios with headsets, mounts, and cables, as well as 50 additional batteries for Hytera handheld radios worth a total of 17.1 thousand euros. We are grateful to everyone who donates to SUN and supports us with the one-day earnings initiative! Thanks to you we can make such necessary purchases!  Together to Victory!

Gas cylinders from partners

We sent gas cylinders to the front line for our guys. We thank our partners – Kalush Industrial Hub – for their help! We continue to work together until we win!

A video surveillance kit from SUN

High-quality optics for the Precarpathian defenders is an important priority for #SaveUkraineNow (SUN).  A video surveillance kit with a thermal imaging camera is already at the front line helping our military to perform combat missions and detect the enemy more effectively. We are grateful to everyone who supports us! It is thanks to your regular contributions that we can provide the best for our troops!

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