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Precarpathian Military Assistance


About us

SaveUkraineNow Coordination Center for Precarpathian Military Assistance was founded by Ivano-Frankivsk City Council, Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support, Ivano-Frankivsk Business Association, Teple Misto Charity Organization, Promprylad.Renovation Innovation Center, Frankivsk Drama Theater, and other partners to meet the comprehensive needs of military battalions of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast at the frontline.

How do we work? We…

  • Receive inquiries about the needs of our defenders directly from the military leadership of the Precarpathian battalions.
  • Raise funds from partners and individual donors.
  • Find, purchase and deliver high-quality certified equipment, hardware, gear, medical supplies, materials, and vehicles to the frontline.
  • Report on our progress.

Join us and support our defenders! Together to victory!


Our Partners


We raise funds for targeted support of our defenders.

$90 982,58
$90 982,58
$1 175 883,42
$1 266 866
$310 598
$1 577 464
$118 266
$1 695 730
$89 596
$1 758 326
$45 338
$1 830 664
$89 490
$1 920 154
$79 783
$1 999 937
$59 635
$2 059 572
$64 583
$2 124 155
$62 119
$2 186 274
$70 531
$2 256 805
$82 507
$2 339 312
$89 278
$2 428 590

Latest updates

Auto parts for the military

Auto parts, wheels, and car repairs are something our military needs very often. We send large and small parcels at the request of our Precarpathian defenders. Sometimes, these are just a few parts that are really needed there!  Today we have sent a new batch of auto parts to the front. We continue to do our job!

#SaveUkraineNow (SUN) report for February 2023

The #SaveUkraineNow (SUN) Coordination Center reports for February 2023!  This month, we were joined by a new regular partner, the Ivano-Frankivsk-based news agency Kurs. Our representatives visited the Dubovetska territorial community, which has been supporting our work with the one-day income initiative since May last year.  In February, our priorities for procurement were communications equipment and components, auto parts, winter tactical footwear in short supply, as well as generators, and power supplies for our defenders. We are grateful to our partners, those who transfer us their daily earnings, our benefactors, volunteers, and friends for being with us! We continue to support our Precarpathian units and work together for our common Victory!

Sights for our Special Forces soldiers

Training of our Special Forces with new sights from SUN 💪💪💪💪 Have a good night hunting on the front line! We are grateful to our partners at the Ukrainian Unity Foundation and Eduard Proshchuk for their targeted assistance.

A large shipment of medical equipment, medicines, and charging batteries

#SaveUkraineNow (SUN) has sent a large shipment of medical equipment, medicines, and power supplies to the front line for the Precarpathian military. Our defenders received:  We thank our partners and benefactors from Ukraine and abroad for their systematic support!  We continue to keep the line and work together for Victory!

Autonomous power supplies for the military

Volunteers of #SaveUkraineNow (SUN) have delivered autonomous power supplies to the front line to maintain communication. The military received 4 rechargeable batteries and 6 starting batteries.  We continue to work for Victory!

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