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About us

SaveUkraineNow Coordination Center for Precarpathian Military Assistance was founded by Ivano-Frankivsk City Council, Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support, Ivano-Frankivsk Business Association, Teple Misto Charity Organization, Promprylad.Renovation Innovation Center, Frankivsk Drama Theater, and other partners to meet the comprehensive needs of military battalions of Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast at the frontline.

How do we work? We…

  • Receive inquiries about the needs of our defenders directly from the military leadership of the Precarpathian battalions.
  • Raise funds from partners and individual donors.
  • Find, purchase and deliver high-quality certified equipment, hardware, gear, medical supplies, materials, and vehicles to the frontline.
  • Report on our progress.

Join us and support our defenders! Together to victory!


Our Partners


We raise funds for targeted support of our defenders.

$90 982,58
$90 982,58
$1 175 883,42
$1 266 866
$310 598
$1 577 464
$118 266
$1 695 730
$87 146,91
$1 782 876,91
$45 337,54
$1 832 104,27
$89 490
$1 921 594,27
$79 782,98
$2 001 377,25
$59 635,26
$2 061 012,51
$1 000
$2 062 012,51

Latest updates

Optical devices for our defenders!

The coordination center #SaveUkraineNow (SUN) purchased and handed over 10 multifunctional laser rangefinders for our military.The devices made it possible to determine the distance to enemy objects.Together to victory!

Tactical gloves and knee pads for the military

High-quality military tactical gear is essential not only for the safety of soldiers but also for their comfort and effective performance of combat tasks. That is why the Coordination Center #SaveUkraineNow (SUN) continues to purchase equipment for our military. Tactical gloves and knee pads were recently delivered to our defenders. We continue to work!

Report of the #SaveUkraineNow (SUN) Coordination Center for February-June

The coordination center #SaveUkraineNow(SUN) reports on its work for February-June. Our benefactors are incredible! Together, we managed to collect more than 1 million 700 thousand dollars for the battalions of Prykarpattia on the front lines! The most priority positions for purchases today: means of communication; night vision devices; medical devices and hemostatic drugs; cars and spare parts; household goods and tools. We thank our partners — local businesses, territorial communities, Ukrainian and foreign organizations, and foundations, as well as individual benefactors for your support! Together for victory! You can find the report via link

5 radiostations for our military

We continue to provide our military with reliable communication! 5 Hytera digital radio stations were purchased and transferred to the front line for a separate machine gun platoon from Ivano-Frankivsk. We continue to work for victory!

Auto spare parts for our defenders

In order for the vehicles of our defenders to be constantly on the move, we purchase and transfer spare parts and components.A new batch was sent to the war zone.Thanks to our partners and benefactors, and let’s keep working! Together to victory!

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