The Memorandum on the launch of the #SaveUkraineNow Coordination Center has been signed

7 representatives from 7 founding organizations of the Coordination Center signed the Memorandum of Cooperation. The document was signed by Ruslan Martsynkiv, Mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk, Volodymyr Yarmoshuk, Chief Colonel of Prykarpattya Territorial Defense, Oksana Kobryn,Director of Ivano-Frankivsk Business Association, Svitlana Obidnyak, Director of My Ivano-Frankivsk Charitable Foundation, Illarion Pavliuk, Director of Teple Misto Charitable Foundation, Anna Pashinska, Chair of the Board of the Metalab NGO, Ivan Osadchuk, Director of Apostol Charitable Foundation.

The memorandum identifies the following priority areas of cooperation: increasing the capacity of the Territorial Defense of Ivano-Frankivsk region, popularization of national resistance, coordinated involvement of foreign and Ukrainian donors to receive humanitarian aid.

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